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5S Consulting

5S Consulting provides independent automotive consultancy with one goal: Helping you design and implement successful, sustainable business strategies.

Our focus is on Sales, Fleet, Remarketing and Used Cars consultancy. We also provide training and coaching services. We're located in Belgium, but we go where the job takes us: all over the world!

Our organisation is small and flexible. We source expertise according to specific project needs, ensuring you get maximum return on your appeal to our services.
Let 5S Consulting build your road to success!

5S Consulting

About us

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5S Principles

During his time at Toyota, Johan gained a deep insight in the company's twin principles of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and Lean Operations. 5S Consulting applies them to its consultancy approach.

Add to that the 5 concepts, all starting with an S, that give our company its name, and provide it with a set of principles that underpin your business success. We've all lived through failed in-house projects or consultancy exercises that went nowhere. These five principles are the antidote to failure – your best guarantee for the successful design and sustainable implementation of your business strategy.


We welcome all enquiries into our automotive consulting services. However, the bulk of our customer base falls into the following three categories:
(For all our customers, we develop creative strategies and implement practical solutions, always aiming for results that are sustainable, with long-lasting positive effects.)

Our nature …

Your enthusiasm is our driver; your success is our motivation.
Our way of working is collaborative, first and foremost.
If it needs to be discussed, we discuss it – controversial or not.
We actively promote the involvement of our clients' teams.
To drive transformation, we challenge established thinking.
What we promise, we deliver.